Weird Water – Pharmacist Ben Fuchs – Moment of Truth

Weird Water – Pharmacist Ben Fuchs – Moment of Truth

Water, that mysterious and at the same time ubiquitous substance, exists in three main forms: solid ice, gaseous steam and free-flowing liquid. However, recently it’s been discovered that there’s actually a fourth type of water that’s a cross between a solid and a liquid. The semi-solid liquid or semi-liquid solid is said to be structured. As it turns out, this is the form that most of the water that’s in our body takes. As we get older, this fluid loses its structure and the end result is a loss of self function, disruption and electrical conductivity that results in many of the unpleasantness associated with an ageing body.

This makes maintaining water structure an important strategy for anti-aging. There’s three good ways that we can do this one, because collagen supports water structuring. Making sure that you’re using collagen building nutrition including collagen peptides, the mineral sulphur, copper and zinc and lots of vitamin C is really important to. Water soluble minerals called electrolytes play a role in water structuring. So, make sure that you’re using electrolyte supplements and enjoying Himalayan or Celtic sea salt. Eating plenty of electrolyte rich produce and, for non-vegetarians, eggs, fish and meats as well. Thirdly we can ingest produce, which contains structured water and is way more hydrating than plain drinking water. Salads, veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, radishes and romaine lettuce, which are composed of over 95% structured water can be especially beneficial.

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