Week 5 – Professional anti-aging skincare treatment protocol. Age Management for wrinkles remova

Week 5 – Professional anti-aging skincare treatment protocol. Age Management for wrinkles remova

This is a Week 5 of the professional case study on how to remove 10 years from your face in 8 weeks without plastic surgery or Botox.

Hello, my Virtual friends! My name is Samantha and I have been a professional esthetician for over 10 years learning many skincare tricks and techniques to treat skin problems and make my clients skin looking younger and smoother.

I am the owner and lead esthetician at Elite Skin & Lash, a VIP skincare spa in Colleyville Texas. I have a passion for the skincare industry and I want to help everyone to have the best skin they can.

Many people do not know that the term commonly used as anti-aging is referred to as age management by professionals within the skincare industry. There is no such thing as an anti-aging if you think about it, so the goal is to manage the natural aging process of the skin.

Today in this video, I am sharing with my fellow estheticians my own protocols for professional treatments to remove wrinkles, as well as rejuvenate and renew the skin by utilizing a combination of mechanical and chemical treatments.

The serious of videos you will see were presented at The Skin Games 2019 and won 3rd place in Age management category in this prestigious international competition. In addition to the 8 office visits the client home treatments for wrinkles and anti-aging. The protocol consists of 8 1.5 hour treatment videos, each compressed in less than 2 minutes, conducted weekly for a period of 8 weeks.

As a result of the 8-week protocol, my model’s face looks at least 10 years younger yielding more radiant, youthful and glowing skin.
~ It is important for your client to have a strong home treatment plan to enhance the results of the spa treatments.
~ I have used PCASkin as my product line for both in office and at home treatments. The results are amazing and PCASkin is a brand you can trust.
~ You can order complete home remedy pack directly from my website and I will have PCASkin to direct ship it to you. (Please be aware of counterfeit products and purchase ONLY from an authorized reseller to ensure the authenticity of the products). Order customized skincare home treatment package here

~ Age management/wrinkles home treatment is responsible for at least 40% of success. With each order that is purchased through my website
~ I will include all of the necessary steps, tricks, and other helpful instructions
~ I will include recommendations for homecare devises that really work
~ I will also include holistic recommendations including vitamins, foods, and other healthy skincare tips to keep the skin looking younger after the treatment ~ Try this home treatment package and give me feedback in the comment section. If followed as advised it will improve your skin condition greatly even without professional office treatment. ~ Thank you for watching & please subscribe my channel for more professional skincare videos.

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DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should NOT be considered as professional advice. Do not try this protocol plan at home and always consult professional instead. We always try to keep our channel & its content updated but cannot guarantee it. All sponsored videos published on this channel are mentioned in the video and/or its description box. The content published on this channel is our own creative work protected under copyright law.

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