Top Japanese Drugstore Products for Dark Circles & Wrinkles!

Top Japanese Drugstore Products for Dark Circles & Wrinkles!

▶︎ Q10 Eye Zone Mask Package (22 sheets)

▶︎ Q10 Eye Zone Mask (Individual version that would be great for travel)

▶︎ CEZANNE UV Face Powder N
Lighter Shade (what I use):
Medium Shade:

▶︎ TOP 10 Must-Have Japanese DRUGSTORE Beauty Products! (Full Video)

This is NOT a sponsored video. I purchased everything myself either in Japan or online!

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As I mentioned in the video, this is part of the footage from my 1st attempt when filming for my latest video on my main channel, “My Top 10 Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products.” I tried to film in natural light so you’ll be able to see the true colors of the products, my skin tone, etc. as is, but the sun kept coming in and out, constantly changing the brightness of my video. Since so many of you were looking forward to the video and I wanted to make sure you could see everything clearly, I decided to re-film the video, which is the one that went up on my main channel.

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