TOP 5 Anti Ageing Superstars / Sunday Skincare 101 | geekNchic

TOP 5 Anti Ageing Superstars / Sunday Skincare 101 | geekNchic

Here are the TOP 5 Anti Ageing Superstars that everyone should incorporate in their skincare routine! Enjoy 😉



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Paula’s Choice // Hydralight SPF 30
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Clinique // Superdefense SPF20*

John Masters Organics // SPF30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen

Olay // Night Resurfacing Elixir

Paula’s Choice // Daily Smoothing Treatment

Paula’s Choice // 1% Retinol Treatment

Skinceuticals // Retinol 1%

Timeless // 20% CE Ferulic Serum

Paula’s Choice // Super Antioxidant Serum

Olay // Regenerist Regerating Serum

Are you a doctor or a chemist? How do you know so much about skin care?

I am not a doctor, nor a chemist, nor an esthetician. I think of myself as a skin care journalist. I try a lot of products, and do a ton of research. I regularly seek out peer reviewed studies on skin care ingredients, and I love to ask questions. I seek out trends, try a lot of new things, and meticulously document my results with notes.

If you get nothing else from my videos, that I am going to be makeing, is that you need educate yourself, take responsibilty for yourself as well as your own skin. Be in charge, be the informed customer!

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Disclaimer: I purchase most of the products in my videos myself, but sometimes I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to try and review products sent by brands for consideration. I also have amazingly lovely friends that may give me a gift or two from time to time. If used, these items (both gifts and products sent for review) will be marked with a (*). Thoughts and views expressed are always honest and 100% straight out of my weirdo brain.

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