San Diego Health: How to Treat Wrinkles, Spots and More

San Diego Health: How to Treat Wrinkles, Spots and More

Dermatologist Dr. Victor Ross discusses the numerous ways that laser treatment therapy can be used to treat wrinkle reduction, spot reduction, tattoo removal and more. Find a dermatologist:

0:52 – What is laser therapy?
1:30 – How has laser treatment evolved over the last 15 years?
2:33 – What’s the difference between face rejuvenation and a face lift?
3:35 – Does laser treatment require multiple sessions?
4:56 – What treatments work for wrinkle reduction?
6:43 – What is the recovery time for deep laser treatment?
6:57 – Does laser treatment reduce acne scars?
7:41 – Does laser treatment reduce the appearance of spider veins?
8:05 – How is laser treatment used for sweat reduction in the armpits?
8:44 – What are the differences between the numerous types of lasers?
9:18 – What is melasma?
10:10 – What is a non-surgical face lift?
11:23 – What is the difference between an at-home laser kit and laser treatment therapy performed by an expert?
12:42 – What is the laser treatment therapy process like?
13:49 – Is laser treatment painful?
14:31 – Is the skin being heated or cooled when it is treated with lasers?
15:11 – What types of activities should you avoid after receiving laser treatment therapy?
15:25 – Can you be exposed to the sun after laser treatment therapy?
16:22 – What short-term changes should you expect after receiving laser treatment?
16:38 – Who is a good candidate for laser treatment?
17:21 – What is photodynamic therapy?
18:22 – What are the risks of laser treatment therapy?
19:48 – How can laser treatment be used to treat skin conditions on the neck?
21:51 – How can laser treatment be used for tattoo removal?
23:25 – How effective is laser treatment in restoring the original look of the skin after tattoo removal?
24:19 – What is the success rate of tattoo removal by laser treatment?
25:03 – Is laser treatment therapy more effective on certain areas of the body than others?
25:22 – What is the general success rate of laser treatment therapy?

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