Resveratrol vs Astaxanthin 2020

Resveratrol vs Astaxanthin 2020

Resveratrol and Astaxanthin are two antioxidants creating quite the buzz in 2020. But which one should you take, or should you take both? Explore the latest research on both and see which one boosts you anti aging potential.

Resveratrol and Astaxanthin are sometimes grouped together because they are both “antioxidants”.
They work on the body very differently however.

To explain which one is better, we need to go through how antioxidants actually work.
It was thought that antioxidants go into your bloodstream and directly mop up the oxidants floating around.
We now know that this effect is not nearly as powerful as first hoped.

Instead, antioxidant compounds activate different pathways and mechanisms that then mop up the oxidants.
One of the mechanisms gaining a lot of traction is NRF2.
So whenever you think of an antioxidant, you need to think which one activates NRF2 the most.

The last pathway we need to talk about is around Sirtuins.
Sirtuins, as researchers such as David Sinclair have discovered, can reverse DNA damage, lengthen your telomeres at the ends of your chromosomes, and reduce your overall inflammation.

Resveratrol can boost your sirtuin activation, so you should definitely take resveratrol.

Unfortunately for Astaxanthin, it doesn’t look like it activates sirtuins as much compared with resveratrol, and there are other compounds that activate the NRF2 more.
To activate your NRF2, a more potent compound is sulforaphane.

So overall, you want to take Resveratrol and Sulforaphane, not Astaxanthin.

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