Partner Back-bend (backbend, back bend) over support

Partner Back-bend (backbend, back bend) over support

Consider this thoracic extension exercise the third in the “Big Three” exercises (the other two are the Partner Stick Pec. Minor, and Partner Hip Flexor).

We call these the ‘big three’ because if used together on a weekly basis, they will reverse many of the negative effects of ageing (stoop, head forward posture, ‘academic’ or ‘dowager’s’ hump, a significant fraction of low back pain, rounded shoulders, decreased lung capacity… you get the general drift.

As well as these visual markers, one of the most noticeable effects of ageing is an overall stiffness and lack of fluidity in movement. We have found that once the hip flexors are lengthened, movement becomes more graceful; as the spine lengthens are arranges itself more efficiently in line with the pull of gravity, less effort is required in all daily life movement, and this is experienced as grace and ease.

The exercise are also major fascial releases, as well, and as we work deeper in this area, we have come to believe that the ‘best bang for the buck’ exercises are the ones that load, or work, more of the fascia at one time than more specific exercises.

As soon as you experience the wonderful feeling of alignment that comes from doing the three, you won’t need any evidence or argument, though: it just fees great to do. Please pay close attention to the details.

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