NR vs NMN? 2020 Anti Aging Supplement Review

NR vs NMN? 2020 Anti Aging Supplement Review

NR vs NMN vs NAD, which supplement should you take in 2020? Researchers such as David Sinclair are making huge leaps in the anti aging field, and this video explains you should take NR or NMN

By anti aging, I don’t mean that you’ll live to 120 and not be able to enjoy life.
The goal is to have the body of a 60 year old when you reach 100.

Dr David Sinclair and other researchers are making epic discoveries in the anti aging field, particularly around NMN, NR, and NAD.

The overall goal with all of these acronyms, is to activate a group of proteins called sirtuins.
Sirtuins can reverse DNA damage, lengthen your teleomeres at the ends of your chromosomes, and reduce you overall inflammation.
Epic right?

To activate sirtuins, you need youthful levels of NAD in your cells.
The trouble is, as we age our NAD levels go down.
To make matters worse, our body can’t directly absorb NAD from our diet, it just goes straight through us.

This is where NR and NMN come into it.
Our bodies can absorb NR & NMN, then convert the NR & NMN into NAD in our cells.
This way, the NAD can get to where it’s needed.

But which one out of NR & NMN boosts our NAD levels more?
In the past, it was thought that NMN needed to be converted into NR to get into cells.
So why wouldn’t you just take the NR?
Well, in January 2019 a study was published that showed a direct transporter for NMN.
This means that the NMN can directly go into your cells.

Within your cells, it’s only the NMN that can be converted to NAD.
So the NR in your cells first get converted to NMN, then to NAD.
Now that we know we can directly boost our NMN levels, the answer to the NR vs NMN debate is clear.
The current evidence suggests you should take NMN and not NR

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