Non Surgical Facelift Before and After

Non Surgical Facelift Before and After

949.428.4500 I’m here to show you the SpectraLift Non Surgical Facelift before and after the laser procedure. These days we use so many different kinds of cosmetic lasers to achieve a natural, non surgical facelift that we can’t even number them anymore. I can’t wait to show you the before and after photos.

I want you to think back to when you were much younger, say in your twenties and you had perfect skin. Except for acne, perfect skin. That means it’s toned and lifted and the pores were tight and everything was in place and it was elastic and resilient and wonderful to touch, perfect skin. All the physiological machinery that was in your skin back then, that gave you perfect skin, is still in your skin today. Even if you’re 50 or 60, even 70 years old. Even if you’ve suffered massive sun damage along the way, the machinery is still in you.

We use cosmetic lasers to achieve a natural non surgical facelift very differently than anyone else in the world. It’s a physiological transformation of your skin to achieve a natural non surgical facelift. We use all this cosmetic laser technology, in the unique protocol called the SpectraLift non surgical facelift, to engage each and every one of those physiological machineries that are not working well today, to stimulate them to do what they used to do when you were back in your twenties, naturally. Which means, your skin is going to rejuvenate and rebuild itself from the inside out. Healthy, young, fresh, and strong on the inside that gives you a spectacular rejuvenated look on the outside. It’s a natural non surgical facelift, it’s real, its long-lasting and it’s simply beautiful.

The SpectraLift non surgical facelift is broken down into three or four different segments. One segment dealing with vascular issues you might have. Vascular veins, spider veins, broken capillaries, red spots, rosacea, things like that. Another part deals with sun damage having to do with pigmentation. Sunspots, age spots, liver spots, those kind of things. The largest segment has to do with collagen. When you wrinkle and you sag and have jowls or very deep nasal labial folds or fine lines and wrinkles all over the place. The key factor there is collagen. Much of the SpectraLift non surgical facelift focuses on getting your own skin to regenerate new, young, fresh collagen and lots of it. To lift everything back where it used to be. To tighten the skin and get rid of those wrinkles.

Some elements of the SpectraLift non surgical facelift work very deep down on the skin where the major collagen deposits are and the major layers. There are many layers of collagen. Some work on the very top layers of the skin, the epithelium, the very top. We work throughout the entire depth of the skin. From the top to the very bottom, to renew it, tighten it, to bring back to natural, healthy, new young skin.

I mentioned sun damage. The sun is responsible for a lot of the damage that we see such as age spots, sun spots and liver spots. That aesthetically, we’re removing with all these procedures and all these cosmetic lasers. Also, sun damage is the key source for skin cancers. The beautiful thing about the SpectraLift non surgical facelift as you can see from the before and after photos is that some of these cosmetic lasers here are FDA-approved for removing skin cancers from your skin. When people have the SpectraLift non surgical facelift, it’s also preventative against skin cancers. They are gone when you do the SpectraLift non surgical facelift.

All in all, all this cosmetic laser technology is geared to regenerating, rebirthing your new skin. Achieving a natural non surgical facelift as you will see from the before and after photos. Our motto here is that beyond repair, there is the rebirth, the holistic rebirth, of your skin. These cosmetic laser protocols are holistic, they are natural, and they will give you brand new young healthy skin all over again.

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