My Vital C ESS60 Powerful Antioxidant and Anti Inflammatory Supplement

My Vital C ESS60 Powerful Antioxidant and Anti Inflammatory Supplement

My Vital C has sent me this product for free so I can try it and tell you about my results. I’ll be taking one each day for the next 30 days and let you know how it goes. Here are some of the reported benefits:
A 2012 study showed a
90% increase in lifespan versus control subjects.
Better Sleep
Get a full night of sleep to energize your body
and increase brain functionality.
Try to break a sweat at the gym
when you beat your personal record.
Mental Acuity
Boost focus and cognitive functions
like short and long term memory.
Boost your vision performance
with improved biological factors.
Protects Nerves
Protect and improve your brains ability
to communicate with your body.
Start improving joint flexibly and mobility
at the cellular level.

– This is a brand new product and is based on ESS60
– The formulation in this product was used in a study that doubled the life of test subjects
– That is the single longest longevity experiment on mammals known to man
– There is nothing on the market that has peer-reviewed research that comes even close to these results. If you want to live longer this is the current best option.
– Customers are reporting crazy amazing benefits.

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