My two-week trial with a near-infrared and red light therapy panel

My two-week trial with a near-infrared and red light therapy panel

This latest hands-on healthHackers® video shows you what happened when I borrowed Red Light Rising’s ‘Half Stack’ of 100 LEDs beaming red and near-infrared light onto my skin for at least 10 mins every day.

If you’ve not heard of red light therapy before, it’s used by the likes of cosmetic doctors, dermatologists, health optimisers and even NASA scientists. Some of the reported effects include: skin rejuvenation, short-term pain relief, improved hair growth and tissue repair. Various clinical studies have been carried out, but it’s fair to say that the therapy is still considered experimental.

In this episode, you’ll find out:

🔹why you would use red light and near-infrared light therapy
🔹what effects have been seen within two weeks of daily use
🔹what happened to my energy, mood and skin appearance in that timeframe
🔹Red Light Rising’s co-founder, Bryan Gohl’s, tips on how you would use red versus near-infrared light for different benefits
🔹if there are any negative side effects from red light therapy

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Any sales do not affect my editorial independence and it’s important to me that you know I was not asked to film or produce this review video.

Thanks for watching and please tell me in the comments if you’ve tried red light therapy – what happened?

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