Must See Before and After! The Best Bandages for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Must See Before and After! The Best Bandages for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Do you struggle with finding the right bandages for your HS? Are you constantly dealing with pain and drainage from your wounds?

Today Dr. Egeland is going to talk about our favorite wound care products from ManukaMed, and also share some helpful wound care tips. You won’t believe the before and after photos!

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~~~Products Mentioned in this Video~~~

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*MANUKApli (100% pure Manuka honey wound dressing. Can be applied before placing a pad on top.)

*MANUKAhd Lite (Thinner wound dressing pad infused with 15 grams of Manuka honey. It “gels” when it comes in contact with wound fluids, and it helps to maintain the perfect pH for healing. The honey gets released into the wound bed with a sustained flow, while the fluids from the wound get absorbed into the dressing. This pad helps to pull debris and dead tissue away from the wound so that healing can take place.)

*MANUKAhd (Similar to the MANUKAhd Lite. This is a wound dressing pad that is infused with 22 grams of medical-grade Manuka honey. Because it is thicker, it absorbs more fluids than the MANUKAhd Lite. This pad is excellent for wounds that leak a lot of fluids.)

*MANUKAhd Lite Rope (Similar to the regular MANUKAhd Lite, but in a coil shape. It can be cut into thin strips and placed inside of tunneling wounds or sinus tracts.)

*MEDSAF (Non-honey, super-absorbent dressing cover. It can absorb over 4.5 ounces of fluids. Nothing beats this for covering wounds that leak heavily!)

Gentle Soaps:

*Alaffia Unscented Black African Soap:

*Dr. Bronner’s Pure Unscented Liquid Castile Soap

Products for Securing Bandages in Place:

*Flexible Fabric Bandaids

*Tegaderm Film 4” x 4 3/4”

*Tegaderm Film 6” x 8”

*3M Nexcare Absolute Waterproof First-Aid Tape

*3M Medicare Tape (good for armpits and buttock areas)

*MediChoice Tubular Stretch Bandages (non-adhesive)

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