Mannatech & Isagenix Vitamin/Mineral, Anti-Aging & Fish Oil Supplements To Build Your Body!

Mannatech & Isagenix Vitamin/Mineral, Anti-Aging & Fish Oil Supplements To Build Your Body!

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Mannatech’s “PhytoMatrix” is a real food-based Natural Vitamin Complex, Plant-Sourced Minerals, and Standardized PhytoChemical health product. Mannatech utilizes proprietary, exclusive hydroponics technology to naturally source and concentrate its vitamin complex and minerals in a bio-available form that your body will actually recognize, utilize, and absorb. Build your body with Mannatech (through!

Mannatech’s “Omega-3 with Vitamin D3” is the finest, purest, cleanest fish oil supplement in the world, bar none. It is sourced from a Norway-based company named EPAX, of their eminent 6000-series grade of fish oil (visit to learn more). Mannatech possesses the exclusive-use rights to this EPAX fish oil in the direct sales industry. It is pleasant-smelling: it harbours a lovely lemony scent when you open the bottle. Fish oil does a whole host of good things for your body, right down to making your skin look supple, moist, elastic and youthful! Visit to learn more about this product, and to purchase it.

Isagenix’s “Rejuvity Ageless Actives” is a wonderful, proprietary, exclusive anti-aging and antioxidant product to promote longevity of life and youth vitality. The health product contains a solid 250mg of resveratrol; 1000 IU of Vitamin D3; 100mg of CoQ10; and 825mg proprietary blend of CLA (260mg), Organic Flax (30mg), DL-ALA (12.5mg), Wolfberry Fruit Extract (2.5mg), Turmeric rhizome extract (2.5mg), Giant Knotweed root extract (250mg), Grape fruit extract (25mg), Pomegranate fruit extract (12.5mg), Ashwagandha fruit extract (2.5mg). To learn more about this product, and to purchase it, please visit:

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