If We Eat These Foods for a Week, Can Boost Up Fertility in Men and Women

If We Eat These Foods for a Week, Can Boost Up Fertility in Men and Women

11 Best Foods to Boost Fertility in Men and Women.
The rise of infertility in men & women today is a sad but true problem. Every year thousands of dollars are spent in infertility treatments by couples. There are many techniques such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or surrogacy has helped many to eventually be able to have a child, however, very expensive and not all can afford them. The truth is however, that infertility can be naturally reversed by the body when given the right resources. Here are natural foods that also can help to fight the root cause of infertility and increase chances of getting pregnant. Alongwith lifestyle factors, such as regular exercise and healthy diet can also help. For detail watch full video.

#1. Pomegranate.
#2. Dates.
#3. Maca Root.
#4. Cinnamon.
#5. Get Plenty of Vitamin D.
#6. Chew Garlic.
#7. Nutmeg and Sugar.
#8. Fennel and Butter.
#9. Holy Basil.
#10. Chaste Berry.
#11. Maintain your weight.

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