Easy (5 Minute) DIY Vitamin C Serum | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

Easy (5 Minute) DIY Vitamin C Serum | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

Vitamin C serums can go off quickly, or be expensive… this super easy DIY version takes only a few minutes to make, is cheap as chips (probably cheaper), and is guaranteed to be fresh!

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In this video:
🍊 What does vitamin C do?
🍊 What’s wrong with vitamin C?
🍊 Why a DIY serum?
🍊 What you need
🍊 How to make the serum

Blog post with more info and recipe here:

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Nutribiotic pure ascorbic acid powder:
NOW Foods pure ascorbic acid powder (slightly cheaper):
Amber glass dropper bottle:
pH strips – I use these ones but cheaper ones will work as well:
Baking soda, medicine cup, deionised/demineralised/distilled water, aluminium foil, scissors, paper: local supermarket

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How antioxidant skincare works:
Hyperpigmentation tips:
The science behind my favourite skincare acids:
All about exfoliation:
Why pH matters for AHAs and acids:
Mythbusting – are vitamin C serums bad for you?
How to avoid vitamin C staining your skin:
Blog post for this video with more info:

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