Dr. Mercola speaks on Telomeres Dr. Bill Andrews Nobel prize research Product B IsaGenesis Isagenix

Dr. Mercola speaks on Telomeres Dr. Bill Andrews Nobel prize research Product B IsaGenesis Isagenix

Dr. Mercola speaks on Telomere Science and age-reversal research of Dr. Bill Andrews. Dr. Andrews, speaks on Nobel prize research, Product B IsaGenesis + Antioxidant support by Award-Winning company Isagenix. Dr. Bill Andrews, together with Isagenix Founder and master formulator John Anderson have created Product B IsaGenesis (4th Generation), which is changing the way we age.

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So, not only do you slow down aging, you can actually reverse it.
Recently we have discovered that the science of human aging is really pretty simple.
We age because our cells divide and our Telomeres get shorter.
What’s a Telomere?
Well, to answer that, let’s zoom into a human’s hundred trillion cells
Every cell contains a nucleus, with genes and chromosomes.
If you zoom in further you see that the chromosomes are made up of DNA molecules
that are 100 million bases long, coiled up like a slinky.
They are a long, repetitive sequences of DNA
at the end of each of our chromosomes.
These sequences are called Telomeres.
When a cell divides the genetic material inside that cell
needs to be copied.
This is called DNA replication.
During this process, enzymes that replicate a strand
of DNA are unable to continue replicating all the way
to the end, which causes the loss of some DNA.
And the ends, if you remember,
are where the telomeres are.
As telomeres get shorter, humans begin to experience
the general effects of aging.
Loss of muscle, failing memory, poor eyesight,
lack of energy, and slower recovery after exercise.
The bottom line is this: When cells divide,
telomeres shorten…
And bad things happen when telomeres get short.

Just like this brick wall was copied imperfectly,
our DNA is unable to copy itself perfectly.
When a strand is replicated, the new strand
is shorter than the old strand.

Research we completed in 1997 established
that humans also have an enzyme called
Telomerase, that can lengthen telomeres.
This research was so significant that in 2009
it was awarded the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine.

We know that there must be a way for our bodies
to re-lengthen telomeres, because, our
reproductive cells do not exhibit telomere shortening
and show no signs of aging.
The reason these cells are essentially immortal is
because reproductive cells produce an enzyme
called Telomerase. Telomerase acts like
an assembly line inside our cells that adds
nucleotides to the ends of our chromosomes,
thus, lengthening our telomeres.
In a cell that expresses telomerase,
telomeres are lengthened as soon as they shorten.

The Telomerase gene exists in all our cells.
That’s because the DNA in every one of our cells
is identical. A skin cell, muscle cell and liver cell
all contain exactly the same genetic information.
So, if the cells that create our sperm and egg cells
contain the code for telomerase, every other cell
must contain the code as well.

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