DocTalk Episode #8: Monday LIVE Q&A

DocTalk Episode #8: Monday LIVE Q&A

Join Dr. Darrell Wolfe and Abby Michelle on this LIVE Q&A – DocTalk Episode #8.

Topics and discussions:

00:00:46 – Introduction
00:05:40 – Gallbladder and Liver Pains
00:09:15 – Inflammation in the Feet
00:12:00 – Cervix Adhesion
00:15:36 – Calcium Supplements and Bad Circulation
00:23:27 – Eye Inflammation
00:26:22 – Silver Solution
00:28:51 – Botox Good or Bad?
00:34:48 – Fingers Deforming from Arthritis
00:40:26 – Studies on the Products
00:44:01 – Hypothyroidism and Arthritis
00:51:04 – Advanced Water Fasting
00:53:27 – High Blood Pressure
00:58:20 – Excess Iron in the Blood
01:00:47 – Constant Hiccups
01:05:20 – Best Times to Eat Fruit
01:07:55 – Best Smoothies for Children
01:11:22 – Detox Tea Results
01:13:28 – Acid Reflux Solution
01:18:00 – Structured Water Unit Information
01:19:36 – Avacen Product Information
01:22:13 – Is Structured Water Filtered?
01:23:36 – Hyperthyroidism Product or Solution
01:28:08 – Deep Tissue Testimonial
01:30:11 – Pelvic Expander
01:31:08 – Getting Rid of Eye Floaters
01:32:47 – Fermented Foods and Kombucha
01:36:18 – Training Course in Australia Soon
01:37:16 – Belly Button Therapy
01:39:39 – Protein Powder
01:42:20 – Appendix Removal
01:46:34 – Bone Broth
01:47:41 – Getting Rid of Parasites
01:51:47 – Children’s Allergies
01:56:47 – Bright Eyes Drops Testimonial

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