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What is healthy food | ఏది ఆరోగ్యకరమైన ఆహారం ? Eduscope science videos in telugu What is healthy food | ఏది ఆరోగ్యకరమైన ఆహారం ? Eduscope Science in telugu | Human body facts in telugu | Eduscope Science | edi arogyakaramaina aharam in telugu | Inside our human body in telugu |EDUSCOPE biology video in Telugu This…

Continue reading Anti Aging Foods Anti-aging foods ar far-famed to grant you higher endurance, prolong your life, acquire a much better quality of sleep, feel very important and energetic, and that they will promote a way of calmness and well being. You get quite an few blessings after you consume anti-aging foods, ANd you ought to…

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AMLA is forever!! Eating foods according to the season is the best diet to follow. It preps you up for the changes that the season brings along. for winter, munch on AMLA. ………. BENEFITS: ………………… * It is antioxidant rich, much more than its foreign counterparts like goji berry, acai berry or blueberries and therefore…

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