Best Anti Aging Diet Plan For Skin Whitening in Urdu

Best Anti Aging Diet Plan For Skin Whitening in Urdu

Best Anti-Aging Diet Plan For Skin Whitening in Urdu

Nutrition has a significant impact on the body, not only internally but also externally. While bad foods appear in agelike skin and discoloration, proper food can act as an anti-aging booster and specifically counteract skin aging. Healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamins give the face a glow, help against dark shadows under the eyes and cushion small wrinkles. Therefore, a good diet is essential for effective anti-aging and the right diet is a way to look young in the long run.

Anti-aging diet: These five foods act against aging skin
1st avocado
Avocados combine healthy fats with the vitamins A, C and E – and thus have a particularly positive influence on the skin. It alleviates inflammatory reactions in the body, stimulates regeneration and creates new collagen, which is known to provide firm skin. Not for nothing many beauty products are now enriched with avocado extract, but also the natural form helps the anti-aging.

2. Dark lettuce leaves
A rule can be remembered: The darker the leaves, the higher the nutritional value! That’s why kale and spinach are the perfect skin food. They have a high antioxidant content and provide the body with iron, magnesium and vitamin B12, which gives the face a glow and makes the eyes look youthful.

3. Seeds and nuts
Most seeds and nuts are rich in vitamin E, thereby minimizing redness of the skin surface and even repairing damage from UV radiation. Above all, the sun can accelerate skin aging and cause wrinkles, so support is needed at this point. We prefer almonds, walnuts and pecans.

4. Fat fish
Studies have found that fatty fish – for example wild salmon – can help prevent sun damage and pigmentation disorders. The omega-3 fatty acids release inflammation of the body and strengthen the membranes of the skin cells – an absolute goodie for a radiantly young face.

5. berries
Whether blueberries or raspberries – these fruits bring great properties for the skin. The antioxidants contained on the one hand provide a glow, on the other hand, they help the skin to fight free radicals that would otherwise have had a negative effect on skin aging. Since this Skin-Booster is just located, which supports the anti-aging .

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