Ayurooms | Best Panchakarma Resort in India | Kerala Ayurveda – Ayurvedic Massage, Treatment & Food

Ayurooms | Best Panchakarma Resort in India | Kerala Ayurveda – Ayurvedic Massage, Treatment & Food

Ayurooms: Destination for best Panchakarma resorts in India. Ayurooms is a well known name for wellness treatment, Panchakarma treatment, authentic Ayurveda treatment through its wide network of wellness resorts, spa resorts giving boost to health tourism, yoga tourism in India.

As per Ayurveda, massage is not just for relaxation, it also heals the body. Different Ayurvedic massages, therapies, treatments are used to treat various ailments and it is best to do all of this under a proper Ayurvedic doctor’s consultation.

In India there are many Ayurveda wellness centers, Panchkarma Resorts and Yoga Resorts and one place to find the most exotic and luxurious such resorts is Ayurooms ( where you get certified wellness resorts and spa resorts. The one shown in this video is one of the best Panchakarma Resort in India where you are sure to have a great relaxing and healing experiences of your life.

Ayurooms is well known for its network of resorts which are known for best in class Ayurveda & Yoga treatments. They offer Detox, Rejuvenation, Healing, Anti-ageing, Sports Medicine, Weight-loss and Naturopathy treatments at Award Winning Luxury Spa Resorts.

Ayurveda has a lot of significance, especially today when people are increasingly turning to nature for treatments related to hair, skin, body issues, weight and even more serious health concerns. Ayurvedic treatments include an overall check on ones food habits and rejuvenation techniques.

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Filmed and edited by: Silke Muys & Kieran Shanon


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