Anti aging treatment of skin with lasers – Dr. Deepak P Devakar

Anti aging treatment of skin with lasers – Dr. Deepak P Devakar

Anti aging is a very popular treatment now because of fast lifestyle, stress and bad diet. Aging of skin causes wrinkles, dull skin and patchy areas of skin. This gives appearance of older age during their 30s and 40s. This can be treated with good skin care routine and lasers. There are skin tightening lasers which are done which can be started at 25 or 30 years depending on their skin. We use Nd: YAG laser to take out the pigmentation. This is done in multiple sessions. It is also called as Laser Toning. This will help in skin tightening and also will give Anti aging results. We use fractional resurfacing laser to even out the fine lines and reduce the wrinkle formation. This will give smoother and fresh glow to skin. This is a very safe procedure and can be done monthly once in multiple sessions. Post care requires sunscreen, mild cleansers and moisturizers. As a skin acre routine sunscreen and moisturizer is very important. Using moisturizer 2 to 3 times a day depending on their skin type will be very helpful to reduce the formation of wrinkles. Sunscreen is also required to reduce the formation of deeper wrinkles and pigmentation as well as breakdown of collagen protein of the skin. Sunscreen is a part of daily skin care.


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