Anti-aging cream 24H intensive deep moisture || no wrinkles firm your face and look young. #facecare

Anti-aging cream 24H intensive deep moisture || no wrinkles firm your face and look young. #facecare

Hi guys, hope you all are greatly doing well, remember always no matter what Jesus Is The Lord. Today’s video is Anti-Aging and firming face cream with Goji Berry Extract is for both oily and dry skin, it maintains your skin type, is great in deep Moisture very intensive it adsorb and does not stick is made for both men​ and women. This video was requested by (Jen Cordero) hope you love 😍.

Mark 5
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36 As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.

Phase A
1)Water 30g
2)Goji Berry 8g
3)Xanthan gum 3 =

Phase B
4)coconut oil 5g =
5)shea butter 6g =
6)Cocoa butter 3g =
7)Jojoba oil 4g =
8)Emulsifying wax 5 =

Phase C
9)wheat germ extract 3g =
10)vitamins E 0,1g =
11)Hyaluronic Acid 10g =
12)lactic acid 3g =
13)Liposome vitamin A, E 5g
14)Inulin powder 3g =
15)citric acid 3g =
16) preservative:

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