8 Anti-Aging Foods To Eat When You’re Over 40

8 Anti-Aging Foods To Eat When You’re Over 40

8 Anti Aging Foods To Eat When You’re Over 40. Beautiful, glowing skin starts with how we eat, but these anti-aging foods can also help with more than that. Add these delicious foods into your daily diet and you will be decreasing your risk for illnesses and age-related problems.

1. Papaya.
2. Green Tea.
3. Berries.
4. Water.
5. Spinach.
6. Avocados.
7. Beans.
8. Walnuts.

Eating papaya may help your body shed dead skin cells, leaving you with glowing, vibrant skin. Green tea is an ancient drink for good health and longevity. For an anti-aging dessert, have a bowl full of berries. Our bodies need water to fight off aging and damage. Spinach is super hydrating and packed with antioxidants that help to oxygenate and replenish the entire body. Avocados have to be one of the most delicious foods out there. As far as anti-aging foods go, beans are one of the best around. Walnuts are the perfect snack for anti-aging. They give you protein and omega-3s in a safe, convenient form. Eat a handful every day.

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