7 Anti-Aging Foods For Men

7 Anti-Aging Foods For Men

Can avocado do the trick? How about tomatoes? Maybe, a cup of green tea each day? We’re talking about all these foods AND more.

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1. Sardines: 00:27
2. Avocado: 01:46
3. Oysters: 03:05
4. Nuts: 04:38
5. Blueberries: 05:48
6. Green Tea: 07:12
7. Tomatoes: 08:14


1. Sardines
Alright, I know. We’re not starting this video off on a high note. But don’t turn it off just yet. Sardines are a nutrient goldmine that can slow down the aging process for even the most skeptical of men.

2. Avocado
This is for all you fruit fiends out there. A steady diet of avocado is one of the smartest choices you can make for your health. They can be eaten with a variety of different foods. From the guacamole dip with your nachos, to avocado toast, a new way to eat this fine fruit is being invented everyday.

3. Oysters
Like it’s seafood buddy sardine, oysters are a rich source of protein. Just a single serving of oysters equals about 9 grams of protein, which comes to about 18% of your daily intake. A diet that is high in protein is proven to be more effective in weight loss than low fat diets. It can also lower your risk of heart disease.

4. Nuts
Eating just a handful of this delicious snack will have your body fighting the realities of aging almost instantly. This is another protein jackpot that you need to consider. A single cup of nuts contains 27 grams of protein. That’s 54% of your daily intake.

5. Blueberries
Blueberries play a massive role in reducing blood pressure. In 2010, an eight week study was conducted on obese people. After eating 50 grams of blueberries for eight weeks, researchers noted that the subjects experienced a 4-6% decrease in blood pressure.

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