4 BENEFITS OF SEA MOSS (& concerns) | Queen of seaweeds

4 BENEFITS OF SEA MOSS (& concerns) | Queen of seaweeds

✑ Sea moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals the body is made from. It’s one of the most powerful & inexpensive seaweeds you can buy. I’ve used Irish sea moss for over 4 years now. On this video find out 4 benefits of sea moss aka irish moss.

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Some people to check out for sea moss are akeemos theraphy for US & canada and Holistic Baddie for UK. Other places are on amazon but you will have to do some research on which works for you. I still experiment with brands of sea moss.

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Some of the irish moss benefits mentioned are anti-inflammation, immune system benefits, nutrient dense including iodine, iodine benefits the thyroid, also sea moss can benefit energy and immune health.

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