3 Most Effective Ingredients for Redness, Irritation, Inflammation & Soothing | For ALL Skin Types

3 Most Effective Ingredients for Redness, Irritation, Inflammation & Soothing | For ALL Skin Types

Inflammed, sensitive and pissed off skin…?? We feel you! Good thing is, we’ve all been there. When this happens, what can we do to calmeth the farmeth?? 🌿 For this week’s video, we’re taking a DEEP dive into the top three ingredients known for its magical qualities in calming down your skin and as always we’ll be explaining how and why they work. No matter whether you have dry, combo, oily or acne prone skin, irritation can happen to all of us for a bunch of different reasons so trust us, this one will be interesting. Team BW put in the work to make sure we’re sharing with you beauts new & riveting info on ingredients we’ve been talking about for years. 🤓

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