13 Best Anti-Aging Foods That Everyone Should Eat

13 Best Anti-Aging Foods That Everyone Should Eat

Can food really help you live longer? Will avocados really protect my skin? Can I still eat chocolate? Why is red wine on this list? Stick around cause we’re gonna answer all these questions and more!

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1. Papaya – 00:28
2. Walnuts – 01:29
3. Avocados – 02:12
4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 02:48
5. Water – 03:30
6. Green Tea – 03:57
7. Red Wine – 05:00
8. Pomegranate – 05:47
9. Sweet Potato – 06:51
10. Vegetables – 06:50
11. Spices – 07:31
12. Bone Broth – 08:25
13. Dark Chocolate – 09:17


1. Papaya
This tropical fruit has a buttery texture that is sweet and delicious. This one might not be something you’re totally familiar with which is why we put it at the top of our list! There are a few varieties, but today we’re gonna focus on the most common which is the red papaya.

2. Walnuts
Getting into a walnut might be difficult, but the benefits are worth it! Long ago people thought walnuts were healthy for the brain because they actually look like a brain, and in reality they weren’t wrong!

3. Avocados
This brightly coloured food is great for anti aging by keeping your skin looking young and smooth. They’re high in anti inflammatory fatty acids and are rich in vitamin A which can help us shed old skin cells so new glowing skin can shine through.

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Ok, this one isn’t exactly a food, but it’s still something you ingest so we’re counting it. You wanna make sure you’re getting the extra virgin kind to reap all the healthy, anti aging benefits.

5. Water
Good old water – does it ever let us down in the health department? Staying hydrated is pretty important as water keeps our bodies functioning at top performance. Did you know that the thirst sensation becomes weaker as we age? That means the older we get, the more important it is that we keep ourselves hydrated.

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